About this Report

About this Report In UNIQA Insurance Group AG’s first Sustainability Report, we aim to present our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities primarily with a view to the Group as a whole (in accordance with Section 267a of the Austrian Commercial Code), provide our stakeholders with insight into our business activities, and transparently set out where we stand on sustainable corporate governance and what we intend to work on in future. Since UNIQA Insurance Group AG does not directly operate the insurance business inside and outside of Austria, measures to address environmental, social and employee concerns along with human rights, corruption and bribery issues are pursued on a Group-wide basis and implemented in the operating companies of the Group. As a result, there is no other modified or limited concept otherwise pursued for purposes of the separate financial statements (in accordance with Section 243b of the Austrian Commercial Code). Our ambition is for the concept underlying our consolidated non-financial report to meet both statutory requirements.

Sustainability Report