"Compliance" means adherence to laws as well as to values and rules that the company is obliged to uphold. Not everything that is legal is necessarily right. It is about transparency, honest business practices and business etiquette. We provide clarity with rules of conduct for all aspects of our daily work and assist all employees of the UNIQA Group in making these principles and rules a reality.

The Compliance Organisation of the UNIQA Group sees to the following on an international level: 

  • general compliance with legal standards pertaining to the key points of our business ("honest business practices")
  • legally sound conduct of the subsidiaries
  • fair business practices and overall consumer protection
  • anti-corruption measures
  • anti-fraud measures
  • money-laundering prevention and prevention of terrorism-related financing

We also provide analysis and assistance in making decisions regarding the following:

  • general policies for conduct of all employees (Code of Conduct)
  • the development of internal compliance tools (monitoring processes, surveys etc.)
  • the implementation and further development of all compliance-relevant operational tasks in Austria
  • the implementation initiatives in all Group companies
  • reporting and evaluations

Local – regional – national – international

Local compliance specialists work with their teams to perform the operational tasks associated with the implementation of compliance and monitor it in the individual Group companies. The specific means of implementation and monitoring depends on the company's size, current structures and legitimate requirements on a national level. In this respect, UNIQA Compliance is always “on-site”.