Information for Suppliers

Personen in Gesprächen

A strong, cross-border supplier network and a long-term relationship with our suppliers are based on the guiding principles of the UNIQA strategy, namely simplicity, integrity, and community.

To achieve our goals, UNIQA works with SAP Ariba in all business areas. Using SAP Ariba is a strategic choice that aligns with the values of transparency, collaboration, and sustainability. It leads to better relationships, easier collaboration, and increased efficiency. The tool offers various functions that companies can use to automate and streamline processes such as contract management, order creation and invoice processing.

Supplier Onboarding Process

Building strong relationships with our suppliers is a key component of our daily business. To make collaboration as easy as possible, we will tell you how the processes look like and how to log on to SAP Ariba.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs or contact us directly at