Sustainability in our UNIQA community

People & Culture - Strategic focus in the area of HR

Our employees are the backbone of the UNIQA community. They accompany and inspire our customers in their everyday lives and are committed to our vision of a better life. Group Human Resources (Group HR) looks after our employees and supports all HR teams within the UNIQA Group with attractive offers for personal and professional development. In this way, we create a constructive and positive working environment and ensure the continued success of our company.

As part of our UNIQA 3.0 strategy, we launched and implemented new HR initiatives in 2022, both Group-wide and with a focus on our core market of Austria. The central focal points were work to optimize the "Employee Experience" as well as comprehensive structural and corporate culture projects aimed at making UNIQA the most attractive employer by the end of 2024. 

Diversity & Inclusion at UNIQA

A community the size of our UNIQA community lives and works through diversity. Regardless of gender, age, origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion, worldview or other differences, we value and respect each other.

We are convinced that diversity can only develop its full effect in an inclusive environment. Living inclusion, consisting of policies, practices, behaviors and attitudes, enables the full potential of a diverse organization to be realized. 

Cultural transformation: with Guiding Principles to UNIQA´s target culture

We want to create a working environment in which our employees can develop into inspiring coaches and in this way noticeably improve the lives of our customers. The Group-wide culture transformation program required for this is orchestrated by the UNIQA Culture Office. The Culture Office defines the strategy for Group-wide cultural change and develops cultural initiatives that are in line with the UNIQA 3.0 program for the future and the target culture. 

Sustainability in variable remuneration

For the first time, a 10% share of the variable remuneration for managers in Austria will be linked to key figures on climate-related interim targets in the 2023 financial year. The targets relate to the increase in the share of Paris target-oriented investees in our investment portfolio and to CO2 reduction targets in the operational management of our larger Austrian offices.

Sustainability in our mobility

Our travel policy takes into account a form of mobility that conserves resources as much as possible and uses fundamental principles to ensure that climate-relevant aspects are taken into account in business travel.

Both in the choice of means of transport and in the compensation rules granted, the avoidance and reduction of emissions is a goal that is also pursued. We rely on public transport, give preference to rail and reimburse its use per trip when private climate tickets or öffi tickets are used. The relevant provisions in a summary of the travel policy.