• UNIQA Group Report 2020

    Our new Annual Report is online. Learn more about the development of UNIQA Group in 2020.

    UNIQA Group Report 2020

  • Sustainability Report 2020

    UNIQA signed up to the Paris climate targets and is striving to make the group climateneutral by 2040.

    Link to the Sustainability Report 2020

  • UNIQA: Preliminary results 2020 above expectations despite COVID-19

    After the consolidation of AXA-CEE in the 4th quarter plus 3.6 percent growth, €5,565 million premiums written, earnings before taxes 57 million euros, dividend proposed at 18 cents per share

    Link to the pressrelease

  • Strategy program UNIQA 3.0

    UNIQA 3.0 is our strategy program that enables us to gain the ability to use innovative technologies and efficient working methods. The resulting products and services enable our customers to live a better life. This will make us ready for the digital future.

    Link to the pressrelease

  • UNIQA completes the acquisition of AXA in the CEE region

    UNIQA completes the acquisition of the AXA subsidiaries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Not only in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the UNIQA Group now holds a top 5 position.

    Link to the press release