UNIQA osiguranje d.d., Zagreb

UNIQA osiguranje d.d. was established in 1999 as a company of the UNIQA Group and has been operating on the Croatian market since 2000. The company offers all forms of property and personal insurance and sells its products and services through its own sales staff, agents and brokers, with a focus on personal insurance. 

UNIQA osiguranje d.d. has successfully completed the acquisition of Basler osiguranje Zagreb on 1 September 2014 and became one of the leading insurance companies in Croatia.

Key data 2020

Insurance policies: 736,334
Employees: 520
Market share: life assurance: 6.7 % / non-life-assurance: 5.1 % / overall: 5.5 %
Market position: life assurance: 8 / non-life-assurance: 8 / overall: 7 

Management Board

Sabine Usaty (CEO)
Tatjana Račić-Žlibar
Luka Matošić


Planinska 13A
HR – 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385-1-6324 200