Employee wellbeing, health & safety

UNIQA guarantees working conditions that respect individual dignity in health, safe, protected workplaces compliant with applicable health and safety regulations.  

As part of our mission to help people live a better life, we offer various programs and initiatives aimed at also improving our employees’ health and well-being, sometimes in partnership with the Works Council. These include advising and care by occupational physicians and safety professionals who regularly conduct workplace inspections and ergonomics training as well as training on topics such as preventing fires, evacuating buildings and the correct actions to take in case of fire. The continual revision and expansion of occupational health and safety documents and regular training of safety officers are integral components of our activities as are ensuring premium quality workstations for all employees and providing additional auxiliary resources, such as telephone headsets, document holders, footrests, etc. 

Within the framework of occupational safety and health protection, we are primarily guided by the Employee Protection Act (ASchG). Implementation of and compliance with this Act is the responsibility of the safety professional who reports directly to management and safety officers. It covers all employees and temporary employees of UNIQA in Austria. 

In identifying work-related hazards and risks, we strictly follow the statutory guidelines. At least once a year, a walkthrough is conducted at each site by the safety professional, occupational physician and the safety officers along with other responsible employees at the relevant site. In addition to the regular inspections, meetings of the occupational safety committees are held annually, the works council and occupational medicine take part in order to exchange information with each other.  

To ensure employee satisfaction we conduct employee surveys on a regular basis. Building on the results, individual measures are defined and approved for implementation. Especially now in times of the Covid-19 pandemic regular pulse checks are conducted to determine the sentiment among all employees, particularly with a view to Covid-19-related pressures. 

Our employees in Vienna also have access to the psychological telephone counseling service KEEP BALANCE. As part of our efforts to promote occupational health, headquarters employees also receive motivational classes free of charge from UNIQA VitalCoaches, including Pilates, kickboxing and Krav Maga self-defence. Massages subsidized by the Works Council are also on offer three days of the week. We additionally offer employees flu shots and tick inoculations, sometimes at no cost.  

In addition we introduced a comprehensive “Living Better Together” online program for employees with the UNIQA Vital- Coaches throughout Austria as a result of the pandemic-related lockdown. This includes features such as Fitness@ Home with 30 video workouts, online VitalCoach sessions, online fitness classes by UNIQA Sportsclub, the Kids@Home program with movement exercises by the SIMPLY STRONG education association for the entire family as well as the sing@Home module. 

UNIQA strives to guarantee occupational safety and prevent or mitigate adverse effects at all companies that provide services on its behalf.