Social Dialogue & NGO Engagement

For tackling major societal challenges we engage and cooperate with NGOs. We encourage our colleagues to engage with certain NGO projects.  

We cooperate with Caritas and provide living space for refugees within our refugee Home Damaris. For 150 women, men and children, the Damaris refugee home in Vienna is an important station on the way to an independent life. In the former office block made available by UNIQA, committed employees encourage the residents, help them learn German and support them as they search for internships, as well as providing welcome distraction with excursions. 

Furthermore, as part of the Sindbad project, we assist pupils at the Neue Mittelschule secondary school in a successful start of their training or apprenticeships. This project provides support to young people in an innovative one-to-one mentoring programme in which personal mentors who are employees from UNIQA headquarters help them obtain further training.