UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding The Future 2021-2025

The UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding The Future growth programme is a positive response to the challenges arising along these megatrends. Our overriding vision is to improve our customers’ health and prosperity.

The strategic pillars of UNIQA 3.0 

Core markets remain Austria and CEE

The two core geographic markets remain Austria and CEE, where the focus is on Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. While CEE currently accounts for 65% of all customers, 30% of the premiums and 25% of the income, once the AXA companies are integrated, it will represent 75% of the customers, who will generate more than 40% of the premiums and over 50% of the income.

€ 500 million investment in IT, digitalisation and innovation

UNIQA launched the biggest innovation programme in the company’s history back in 2016 with an investment exceeding € 500 million. These investments focus on redesigning the business model, acquiring the requisite IT systems and digital innovations.

Digital expansion to Germany with Cherrisk

Based on its positive experiences in Hungary, UNIQA is expanding into Germany through Cherrisk, its digital second brand ( The expansion may broaden into other countries in Western Europe.

As a digital-only sales platform, Cherrisk offers simple, pay-as-you-go travel, household and accident insurance policies. The Cherrisk Go app makes healthy living fun and easy by rewarding health-conscious behaviour and supporting charitable initiatives. It takes risk pooling “back to its roots”.

SanusX – rethinking health

SanusX, a subsidiary established in April, is responsible for the Group’s evolution into a holistic health care company, one that handles more than insurance. SanusX has focused its first health care programmes outside of conventional insurance solutions on mental health, primary care and active ageing. Thanks to its experience as Austria’s leading health insurance carrier UNIQA already has extensive experience and expertise in the health care sector. 

UNIQA Ventures – more innovations in the pipeline

Through UNIQA Ventures, its corporate incubator programme, UNIQA holds equity in 26 companies throughout Europe and has invested approx. € 40 million in fast-growing start-ups in the fintec, insurtech and digital health sectors. Its portfolio consists of financial investments that have already achieved value growth and, much more importantly, laid the groundwork for more business model innovations that will bring in new customers for UNIQA. Over 25,000 have been attracted so far.

COVID-19: a digitalisation accelerator

Another health service has been developed for customers, accelerated by COVID-19: UNIQA has enabled telehealth visits with doctors since the first lockdown began in March 2020. The entire consultation is conducted by video call on smartphones – from any location, without long waiting times or the need to schedule an appointment.

The development of the myUNIQA app was a particularly resounding digitalisation success. Today, over 40 percent of all health insurance bills are submitted through our app.

Sustainability strategy: € 1 billion in investments by 2025

UNIQA 3.0 also includes a sustainability strategy for investments. The insurance sector is the largest private investor in Europe, after all. UNIQA has been leveraging this market power, as an investor and insurer, to push resolutely for the coal business to be phased out. It has already invested around € 600 million in infrastructure, some € 200 million of which in energy transition projects that generate power from sunshine, wind, water or waste. In addition, UNIQA issued a green bond worth € 200 million in July of this year. By 2025, it plans to have put together a € 1 billion portfolio of sustainable investments. 

Customer-focused Group reorganisation and € 100 million in cost cuts in Austria

The ambitious goals of the UNIQA 3.0 strategy are based on the Group reorganisation that started 2019 as well as a thorough cost retrenchment. The merger of UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG and UNIQA International AG into a single company, and the resulting reduction in the number of board members, represented the first step toward a customer-centric organisational structure. Starting on 1 January of 2021, all operational UNIQA insurance companies will also be organised by customer segment.

Huge cuts in general, administrative and personnel expenses will permanently lower costs by more than € 100 million.

Growth strategy: return to constantly rising dividend path

UNIQA is launching the new strategy from a position of financial strength and has set measurable targets for continuing its growth trajectory. It aims for constant premium growth of three per cent a year along with a simultaneous considerable reduction in costs, which will bring the combined ratio below 95 per cent on a sustained basis. It intends to keep the solvency capital ratio consistently above 170 per cent. That will allow the Group to resume its path of a progressive - i.e. increasing annually - dividend distribution from the pre-COVID years starting in the 2021 financial year.