Our services

As a composite insurer, we stand ready to assist our customers in every circumstance. We believe that insurance means giving our customers the best possible protection. The UNIQA Group offers a comprehensive range of insurance and retirement products: solutions for just about any need – from private automobile insurance to commercial storm insurance.

Property and casualty insurance, in terms of premiums, is the largest insurance line in the UNIQA Group. In property and casualty insurance, we cleared €2.7 billion in premiums written across the Group in 2019; this was about 53 per cent of total premium volume. 

Behind property and casualty insurance ranks life insurance, we cleared nearly €1.4 billion in premiums.

Heath insurance is the third-largest insurance line in the UNIQA Group. We cleared more than €1.0 billion in premiums or 21 per cent of total premium volume. We are the undisputed market leader in this line of insurance in Austria, with a 46 per cent market share. 


Satisfied customers are the engine that drives our success. We make targeted investments in innovations in order to allow us to optimally meet the permanently changing needs of our customers.


We make use of every promising sales channel that we can. More than 4,600 permanent sales representatives maintain direct contact with our customers, while general agencies and brokers are our valued partners. Online Sales are becoming increasingly important. This is why we offer in Austria now products form all departments online as well.

Through our partnership with the Raiffeisen banks in Austria and the CEE region, we also have access to a dense sales network in our core markets, which gives us an edge over the competition. 

Further information about insurance solutions in Austria: