Our identity

UNIQA - living better together

Our promise

Through the power of our community we protect and improve health and prosperity. Choosing UNIQA is to choose a better life.

Guiding Principles

We act according to our values:

Customer first

We are relentlessly focused on the needs of our customers. 


We take action and learn from our mistakes.


We empower each other to take responsibility.


We keep our promises.


We collaborate beyond conventional boundaries.

Our strategy

Our business strategy

  1. Making the insurance business more customer-oriented and profitable and offering innovative services.
  2. Exploring new innovative business areas, digital business models and the health ecosystem.
  3. Our employees are our most important ressource at UNIQA.

Our goals

  • Market leader in Austria
  • Top 5 in international focus markets
  • Best service provider
  • Most attractive employer
  • Ensure cost effectiveness & profitability
  • Build new business models